Refs skipped a Washington State second down and reversed time to fix their mistake

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Conference Championship-Oregon vs Utah
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 Nobody knows what the heck happened in the Washington State-Oregon game

So let’s set the scene:

Washington State QB Cameron Ward threw the ball out of bounds while in the pocket and nobody was in the vicinity on first down. Textbook intentional grounding and loss of down.

(/Lee Corso voice) NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! The referees officiating the game called it THIRD DOWN, instead of second down. Which meant that Washington State ran a draw then punted to Oregon, giving the Ducks the ball.

HOWEVER, after the Cougars punted to Oregon, the referees during the commercial break explained that they messed up in making it fourth down instead of third. So, Washington State got to redo the down they didn’t get, on third and 17. They punted soon after.

Fox Sports’ Mike Pereira explained that refs will forget the down and make a mistake lie this one. In the event that referees make a mistake such as this, they can go back and redo the down they skipped over as long as the opposing team does not begin their next drive. Thus, referees reviewed it and gave the ball back.

The whole ordeal had may people confused, however:

In case you’re wondering, yes weed is legal in Washington. No, we cannot confirm if the refs smoked before the game.

Albert Pujols joins the 700 home run club

St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers
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St. Louis Cardinals slugger reaches baseball immortality with a pair of home runs

Albert Pujols belted a pair of home runs on Friday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers, moving the St. Louis Cardinals slugger into one of the most elite clubs in all of professional sports.

The 700 home run club.

Pujols’ first home run came in the 3rd inning off of Dodgers starting pitcher Andrew Heaney, and it was a no-doubter off the bat:

Pujols was able to turn on a 94-mile per hour fastball that Heaney left on the inside part of the plate, driving it 434 feet to deep left for the two-run shot. It touched off a frenzy in left field, with fans clamoring for a piece of baseball history.

Then in the fourth inning, Pujols came to the plate with a pair of runners on base. He pulled another pitch into deep left field, touching off a celebration as he joined the elite club:

Pujols is now the fourth member of one of sports’ most-elite clubs, the 700 home run club. Only Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds have amassed more home runs over the course of a career. Pujols currently ranks fourth all-time in home runs behind Bonds (762), Aaron (755) and Ruth (714).

Given that Pujols is retiring at the end of this season, it is unlikely he will catch Ruth with ten games left in the regular season. But the first home run was his 20th on the season, placing him in another small club, as he joins Ted Williams as only the second player in baseball history to hit 20 home runs in both his first, and his last, season:

In addition to joining the 700 home run club, Pujols joins Aaron as the only two players in MLB history to amass 700 home runs, along with 3,000 hits, over the course of a career.

Everything we know about Ime Udoka’s scandal with Celtics

2022 NBA Finals - Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics
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Head coach Ime Udoka is facing discipline by the Celtics.

The Boston Celtics suspended head coach Ime Udoka for the 2022-2023 NBA season after he had an intimate relationship with a team employee, the team announced. Udoka was entering his second season as head coach of the Celtics after leading the franchise to the 2022 NBA Finals in his debut year.

Here’s everything we know about Udoka’s affair.

What did Ime Udoka do?

Udoka had an affair with a woman on the Boston Celtics’ staff. He’s facing a suspension for a violation of the Celtics’ code of conduct.

How long is Ime Udoka’s suspension?

The Celtics announced on Thursday night that Udoka would be suspended for the entire 2022-2023 season, and that “a decision about his future with the Celtics beyond this season will be made at a later date:”

What are the details of Ime Udoka’s affair?

Shams Charania added new insight into the Udoka scandal after the team announced the suspension. Charania reported that Udoka made “unwanted comments” towards the woman involved in the situation, which sparked an investigation. More from The Athletic:

Some members of the Celtics organization first became aware of the relationship in July, sources said. At that time, team leadership was led to believe by both parties that the relationship was consensual. But sources said that the woman recently accused Udoka of making unwanted comments toward her — leading the team to launch a set of internal interviews.

Who is the Celtics’ head coach during Ime Udoka’s suspension?

Assistant coach Joe Mazzulla will take over as head coach for the Celtics, per Woj.

The 34-year-old Mazzulla played college basketball at West Virginia, and landed his first NBA job with the Celtics in 2019.

Who is Ime Udoka in a relationship with?

The 45-year-old Udoka is engaged to actress Nia Long. The couple had their first child together in 2011, and became engaged in 2015. Long had said previously the couple may never marry.

Brad Stevens stood up for the women in the Celtics’ organization

The Celtics had a press conference on Friday addressing Udoka’s suspension. He made a point to call out the “bullshit” Twitter speculation about the women working for the organization as the story slowly leaked out.

Watch the Celtics’ press conference statement on Udoka

Ime Udoka committed more than one violation with Celtics

Will Ime Udoka be fired by the Celtics?

Udoka reportedly isn’t in jeopardy of losing his job, per Woj. As noted above, in announcing the suspension the Celtics stated that “a decision about his future with the Celtics beyond this season will be made at a later date.”

What did Ime Udoka say about the suspension?

Here’s his statement:

Brad Stevens will not coach the Celtics again

Stevens was the Celtics coach for eight seasons before having into a lead front office role and hiring Udoka. He said he won’t coach the Celtics again during Udoka’s suspension.

Who broke the Ime Udoka story?

The story slowly leaked out in the late hours of Wednesday morning when ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Udoka was set to be disciplined by the team for an unspecified violation of conduct. The Athletic’s Shams Charania nailed down the details hours later.

Matt Barnes on Ime Udoka: “This situation in Boston is deep. It’s messy. It’s 100 times uglier than any of us thought.”

Will Ime Idoka resign from Celtics?

He reportedly won’t resign after initial reports said he might. Chris Haynes has the latest update:

We’ll update this story as it develops.

Richard Sherman claims Russell Wilson was held to a different standard with Seahawks

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
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The cornerback and former teammate K.J. Wright discuss Wilson’s time in Seattle

This week on his podcast “The Richard Sherman Show,” the cornerback sat down with former Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright to talk about Russell Wilson, among other topics. In their discussion, they outlined how, in their view, Wilson “received special treatment under Pete Carroll:

In Sherman’s words:

But there wasn’t enough years difference for the accountability thing to be like that. Well, he was young. It’s like, well, he’s like a year younger than us. He ain’t that young. When you got 52 guys being held to a certain standard and you got one guy not being held to the standard than it’s gonna cause some friction.

After a while, it had to get to a point where he chose Russ or the defense. And after the Super Bowl loss, he kinda made it pretty clear who he was choosing.

However, as Wright and Sherman allude to, it seems that Carroll has shifted his views since Wilson’s departure. After years of seeking a run-first offense that had Seattle fans begging for the team to “let Russ cook,” Carroll is now hoping that the Seahawks — and Geno Smith — put the ball in the air more:

Let Geno cook?

With Wilson now playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos, the fallout over his time with the Seattle Seahawks continues. After Seattle shocked Wilson and the Broncos in Week 1, current and former Seattle players could barely contain their glee, taking the chance to get their shots in on Wilson:

Even the Seahawks themselves got in on the act, poking fun at Wilson’s “let’s ride” promotion that surfaced on social media over the summer:

Among the former Seahawks taking jabs at Wilson on that night was Sherman. The former cornerback, now an analyst with Amazon, posted a few different tweets while at the game.

Sherman really seems to be soaking this in.

It almost makes one wonder if the entire plan for the Seahawks this season is to troll Wilson at every opportunity.

Our expert NFL picks for Week 3 of 2022

Who are this week’s picks? And who had to endure a horrible punishment for Week 2?

Well hey, that was a dumb week! Don’t get me wrong, dumb = fun, but still it was brutal for all of us. We’re still at the feeling out part of the season, but nobody outside of the Bills and Chiefs feel like they’re really hit their stride yet.

The Jets beating the Browns, the Ravens getting obliterated by the Dolphins, and the Bengals losing to the Cowboys without Dak Prescott really threw us all for a loop and left the weekly winner with an 11-5 record.

David Fucillo, 49ers fan and head of sports betting here at SB Nation won the week, and got to write a tweet for Jeanna Thomas, die hard Falcons fan and associate director of NFL — who sadly finished last in Week 2. As you can imagine, it was brutal.

You know a fake tweet is good when most of the replies are asking if this is a cry for help, or if Jeanna was kidnapped as this was a hidden message to check on her wellbeing.

This is our first time getting to humiliate each other as punishment for bad picks, and I love it. This is probably mostly because I haven’t finished in last yet and had to write something embarrassing.

Now it’s time to see if Week 3 will be a little more even-keeled. We have a few brutally tough games to pick like Browns vs. Steelers and Buccaneers vs. Packers, but there are some that should be pure chalk. Does anyone really think the Chiefs will lose to Indy? I hope not.

I ruined ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ in ’Trombone Champ,’ the best video game


As someone who buys an awful lot of video games — way more than I could ever play — it’s not often that I’m confident I’ll be getting my money’s worth after just five minutes with one. Enter Trombone Champ, the “world’s first trombone-based rhythm music game.”

Released on Sept. 15, Trombone Champ allows you to “Honk, blow, & toot your way through over 20 songs,” and boy does it deliver. I’ve only played the one song thus far, but the sheer beauty in its composition is enough to convince me that this one’s a keeper.

Seriously, just listen to my toots. I tooted the heck outta Take Me Out to the Ball Game, earning a ‘B’ rating on my first try. Try to beat it if you can, but I’m not easily out-tooted, friend.

A big thanks to the folks at PC Gamer for alerting the Internet at large to this gem of a game, as well as its potential as an obvious Game of the Year contender. The mangled (read: beautiful, dulcet) tones from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is what made this an instant buy for me and, if you’ve got $15 and a PC with which to play games on, should for you as well.

Fortunately, from a brief glance at the opening cutscene (yes, a cutscene), this game’s got more going for it than “haha funny horn go toot,” though it does, for certain, go toot. The Steam page promises collectibles and some overarching lore in which you will “uncover the mysteries of the Trombiverse.”

I can’t wait. I’ve got some more honking and tooting to do.