Cameron Young’s stunning 2-stroke penalty to prove costly at PGA Championship

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The PGA Championship week continues to weigh heavy on Young as he had to take a 2-stroke penalty during his second round.

Cameron Young’s tough luck at Oak Hill Country Club continues as he received a two-stroke penalty during his second round at the PGA Championship. After signing for a 4-over 74 on Day 1 of the event, Oak Hill gripped even tighter on him.

During his second round, he was on the par-4 16th hole with a 59-foot birdie putt — he hit it short, and that is when the simple mistake happened. His ball was in the line of play of his playing partners Tommy Fleetwood and Hideki Matsuyama. Following the rules, he moved the ball one clubhead length to the side. However, he forgot to move the ball back when he lined up for his par putt, so instead of carding a four, he received a two-stroke penalty to earn a six on that hole.

Young likely wasn’t trying to cheat. It appears to be a simple mistake.

“As a result, when he replaced the ball and holed out, Young had played from a wrong place and incurred the General Penalty (two strokes) for breaching Rule 15.3,” the PGA Championship rules committee said on Friday.

With that penalty, Young is 9-over on the tournament, so he will likely not make the cut. However, it would have been a close call if he didn’t have that penalty. Maybe cutting off the beard wasn’t such a good idea, as his play the last two days are not what fans have grown to expect from him at major championships.

Michael Block’s PGA Championship ‘every man’ reaction will melt your heart

2023 PGA Championship, Michael Block
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One of the 20 PGA of America professional golfers, Michael Block has stolen the hearts of golf fans after his impressive second round and post-round interview.

Michael Block may not be a name people know right now, but they will. He has taken the PGA Championship by storm, winning us all over with how personable he is. From his chat with Scott Van Pelt while walking the fairway Thursday, to shanking a tee shot during his second round to his post-round interview, Block will be pretty popular when he gets home.

He is a down-to-earth guy that the everyday golfer can relate to. Block’s post-round interview featured him saying he would drink a few IPAs with his lunch while he watched the afternoon round.

“My game is good. I’m peaking right now…I have the opportunity to move up the leaderboard,” Block said in his post-round interview. “I’m having a great time. I have no pressure, and I have a job. I have a paycheck waiting for me at my club…this is a beautiful thing here.”

He didn’t stop there. Block said he achieved a lifelong goal; now, everyone is rooting for him.

Who is Block? He is one of the 20 PGA Professionals in the field and is in contention to not just be the low professional score but for the whole event. Block shot a second straight even par to sit T10 entering the clubhouse for the weekend.

Block has quite the resume, as the Southern California pro is no stranger to tournament golf. He is the reigning PGA Professional Player of the Year. Block also has quite the record in the South California section events.

His performance caught the attention of a few people, and from the Twitter reactions, it’s safe to say Block will be busy when he gets home to Southern California.

Even when he hit a terrible shot during his round, people felt like he was one of them. When a guy can relate to all the golfers out there, it makes them fans for life.

His story is what makes golf so unique. Block does his job and enjoys the game. He is pretty good at it too, but to have him achieve a lifelong goal to make the weekend at a major championship — you can’t help but appreciate that.

Have yourself a weekend, Block. The golf world is rooting for you to make history.

Tom Kim’s hysterical reaction to mud bath at PGA Championship: ‘Wanna smell my hand’

PGA Championship, Tom Kim
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Tom Kim’s reaction to going viral for falling the mud is just as priceless as the actual moment it happened.

Tom Kim has been the center of attention at the PGA Championship. While the internet has been able to enjoy his viral moment, once Kim found out, his reaction may have been better than the whole incident. Watching him scroll and scroll on his phone while his face turned red was priceless. He knew then that an embarrassing moment didn’t just happen between him and his caddy but that the whole world knew.

Kim handled it gracefully, but his reaction to going viral is one of the best things caught on camera during Thursday’s coverage of the PGA Championship.

In his post-round interview on ESPN’s Michael Eaves, he was a good sport, breaking down exactly what happened. Kim thought his ball crossed the water, and it was in the mud. If he could find it, Kim was going to try and get it out without losing too many strokes.

“As soon as I went in, It was kind of sketch,” Kim said. “It’s a major championship — I’m fighting for every single stroke I have. Then it got dark — once my foot got in, I was like, there is no looking back. I went full in, and it got my shirt and everything. There was one point where I just sunk in — I couldn’t get myself out.”

He had to crawl out of the mud, but that wasn’t where the incident ended — it only got better. The mud was up to his waist. Then Kim disappeared on the other side of the hill, and from the camera angle, it looked like he fell again, but it was him cleaning up his legs. He took a bath, which of course, he did — that’s truly what made it so much better.

Eaves said he didn’t smell as bad as he expected Kim to, which added to the whole spectacle when Kim said, “You wanna smell my hand?”

Kim handled the situation better than most 20-year-olds would, which shows what kind of person he is. He knows the severity of what it means to play in a major championship, so Kim was going to do whatever he had to do, even if it meant sinking into the mud and going viral.

Tom Kim’s viral mud bath at PGA Championship leaves him shirtless, fans in awe

2023 PGA Championship - Preview Day Three
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After 10-plus hours of golf coverage, Tom Kim livened up the crowd by making the most of falling in the creek. These reactions may be better than watching it live.

If someone didn’t know who Tom Kim was ahead of the PGA Championship, they will after he went viral for falling in the creek during round one at Oak Hill Country Club. The first day of the tournament was entertaining, but Kim stole the show after handling his slip better than most would.

No one had creek bath on their Thursday bingo card, but it was the incident the golf world appreciates because it’s just that funny. If you listen closely, you can hear the “one of us” chants across the golf world. However, he has to own it in front of thousands of viewers while the rest of us only suffer the embarrassment from our local club and buddies.

Kim ultimately needed a change of clothes, which happened live on air.

Kim is already taking over the golf world by being one of the youngest players to win on the PGA Tour, but he will not live this fall, and it’ll likely follow him for the rest of the season. However, he should own it because it makes him more personable.

His fall was funny, but the reactions to that may be even better because Golf Twitter is unmatched once again.

They all are hilarious, from the “normal sport” tweet to this one from Tim. However, we agree with Tim — Kim needs his own stream because we all want to see what he does next. Luckily Nike supplied a good pullover, so Kim didn’t have to stay completely muddy as he finished his round.

Kim knew he was being filmed, but he owned it. He stripped off his shirt, cleaned up, and continued without missing a beat. Nothing phases him, and that makes him loveable. No one will ever forget him after this moment at Oak Hill Country Club in the 105th PGA Championship.