Speculation growing over the status of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

GP Emilia - Romagna 2022 - RACE”Formula 1 Rolex Grandprix van MADE in Italy”
Photo by ANP via Getty Images

With flooding a possibility, the status of F1’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is in doubt

Formula 1 fans hoping to see action on the track this week in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix might be out of luck, and with good reason.

Concerns about flooding in the Emilia-Romagna region have grown in recent days, and in the wake of flooding last week which caused landslides and tragic deaths, there is growing speculation that F1 will cancel this weekend’s Grand Prix.

On Tuesday, teams and personnel were advised to evacuate the track due to a risk of flooding:

According to Nate Saunders, who covers F1 for ESPN, some Alpine team members were forced to find new lodging as a result of the weather:

As noted by Saunders in the underlying tweet, teams and media members have been advised not to travel to the track on Wednesday as a precaution.

Claire Cottingham, who covers F1 for RaceFans, provided this clarification from Alpine:

Laurent Dupin, who covers F1 for Canal+, shared these photographs from the track on Tuesday:

The caption reads: “Heavy rain and risk of flooding in Imola. The circuit is evacuated.”

Then there is this report, which states that a meeting will be held on Wednesday morning:

The region has been battered by rain over the past few weeks, ending what had been a period of dry weather and near-drought conditions. A week ago, over a day of downpours resulted in flooding in the region, leaving at least two people dead as riverbeds left dry by drought spilled over their banks.

On Tuesday, the Savio River overflowed in the town of Cesena, and residents took to their rooftops to await rescue by helicopter. “Use prudence, don’t be curious, so disaster doesn’t turn into tragedy,’’ Mayor Enzo Lattuca urged in remarks on television.

Cesena is just 63 kilometers southeast of Imola, where the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is held.

During the 2021 season, heavy rains and flooding saw the cancellation of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps. The cars took to the grid for the start of the race, but the rainy conditions were so difficult that Sergio Pérez crashed before the race even began, knocking his Red Bull out of the race.

Following a few different attempts at starting the race, officials finally gave up after nearly four hours, and race was canceled, with half points awarded based on the qualifying results.

Yes, Max Verstappen won that race too.

As for this weekend, with rain expected all day Wednesday — and the track being located right near the Santerno River — there is growing concern that we might see another cancellation.